March 1, 2015
Music Road South Africa

Ten years ago Simone Aronje-Adetoje started to teach the children of the Thabakgone Village. Over the years this project has grown and today the Limpopo Youth Orchestra claims to be the only orchestra in this poverty stricken province in South Africa.

The three musicians will be encouraging the students and teachers alike to play their instruments well - technically and with enthusiasm - through performing and teaching. They will also contribute at the violin symposium in Pretoria.

Music Road South Africa is a Project of Crescendo International. Aim is to mobilize european musicians over a period of five years to travel to different educational projects in various countries in Africa including Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Mauritius, Madagascar, Zambia und Ruanda.

We would like to support these schools in years to come and will be looking into ways to make this realize.

We are on the move.
Do support this good cause by accessing the link below.

Thank you!


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